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PonyExpressCUSTOMHair is a premier Men and Women’s Hair Replacement Studio &
Hair Extensions Salon, relocated from Los Angeles to Albuquerque.

Linda, the owner of PonyExpress, learned the Hair Replacement trade while growing up
helping her grandmother run the family’s Custom Hair Replacement & Wig business.

PonyExpressCUSTOMHair studios originated from a long line of European Wig makers and working tradesmen in the Hair Replacement business, dating back to the 1800’s.

Linda and her family have been specialists in hair loss solutions & Hair Replacement
options for men and women for decades. Linda has worked with every type ofhair loss client imaginable, gaining even more experience and expertise while owning 2 Hair Replacement studios in Cleveland, and also 2 Hair Replacement Studios and Hair Extension Salons in Los Angeles.

When Linda worked in her Hair Replacement studios in Cleveland, the Top Cleveland Medical Clinicsreferred their medical hair loss patients to Linda, year after year.

To name just a few hair loss situations, Linda has helped hair loss clients with Alopecia, Menopausal, Thyroid, Trichotillomania-Trich-HairPulling, and Hereditary hair loss issues.

While working in her Hair Replacement studios in Los Angeles, Linda’s clients were almost exclusively in the entertainment business. Linda’s clients called on her, seeking Linda’s expertise in creating everything from her lace front Hair Replacements, or asking for one or a combination of about every long Hair Extension technique imaginable. Linda was also in high demand for her ability to create a never ending variety of full lace Wigs, partial lace Wiglets, or men and women’s Hairpieces to meet the manyvaried demands and needs of her entertainment clients.

Our clients are always appreciative & excited to know that at PonyExpressCUSTOMHair, our creative abilities are limitless:

>We use only the highest quality of human hair available: (cuticle intact) Virgin European, Blue String Italian, Premium Russian and Brazilian blends, Remy Hair, and Virgin Indian Temple Hair. Using only the best ‘quality’ of human hair has a tremendous effect on believability, longevity, and the attractiveness of the finished product!

>We understand each person and situation is unique in its very own way, simple stock designs (unlike custom) can not possibly fit or satisfy the needs and desires of every client.

>All of our work is custom, (unless you request otherwise) and each unit is hand made
& created specifically for your individual hair type and situation, using only the finest quality
hair and materials.

>We will review with you, the many hair loss options we have to offer you, and together we
will determine what we need to do to provide you with your best option, while doing our
best to work within your budget.

>We take no shortcuts, every hair restoration client is personally measured and molded
(if molding is required) to insure the optimum fit and a perfect design base for each
individual client.

>All of your Hair Replacement, Hair Extensions, & Wig services are done in a private and
relaxing environment. We offer all of our private consultations, and hair analysis services at no charge.

>Our focus remains targeted on: realism, quality, believability, and of the utmost importance,
client satisfaction!

>In house repair on all systems is available for the convenience of our most
valuable asset, YOU.

Do you have thinning hair, or suffer from any form of female balding, male
pattern baldness, or any form of Alopecia, (Androgenic Alopecia, or Alopecia Areata)?
Do you want full, sexy, natural looking hair? Do you have any form of medical hairloss,
or suffer from Trichotillomania-Trich-Hair Pulling, or simply need to enhance the hair you already have?

Run, don't walk to the phone, and call Linda 505-990-0326, or Email Linda at our
Albuquerque, New Mexico Hair Replacement Studio.

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